At least two families of scaphopoda, the Dentaliidae and the Siphodentaliidae, are present in the Gault. The former is represented chiefly by the ubiquitous Dentalium (Fissidentalium) decussatum (J. Sowerby), resembling an elephant's tusk in miniature; Cadulus (Gadila) gaultinus Gardner belongs to the latter family. Examples of both families are shown below.
Dentalium (Fissidentalium) decussatum (J. Sowerby)
An almost complete specimen of Dentalium on a block of clay
A tiny, complete, specimen on a block of clay. According to Casey in Ref a. small hooked or curved tubes formerly ascribed to Siphodentalium belong properly to the annelid Hamulus.
The specimen on the right is a phosphatic internal mould
Cadulus (Gadila) gaultinus Gardner
ex-Bulk Sample F/86/98 - L. Gault - Upper Bed VII (Eu. lautus/nitidus Zone; A. daviesi Subzone
a. Geol. Survey Memoir 1966. Geology of the country around Canterbury and Folkestone
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