Folkestone Gault Clay - Reptiles page 1 - 2
Probably Ichthyosaur teeth from the spathi nodule bed (Mortoniceras inflatum Zone; Hysteroceras orbignyi Subzone)equivilent to bed IX at Folkestone. Found by Keith Smallwood of the

Medway Fossils and Mineral Society along with many related fragments near Westerham, Kent

Below - Platypterygius sp - Ichthyosaur tooth, 40 mm, Upper Gault, bed X
Tilmanstone brickworks imported from the Aylsford quarry, Kent
Below, reptile vertebra found by Jean Claude Staigre in the Mammilatum Reef, East WearBay Folkestone
unidentified fossilised reptile bone - ?? Plesiosaur or Turtle paddle bone
Late Albian - Bed X Hysteroceras varicosum Subzone - Beach exposure. Specimen is twenty centimetres long (eight inches) and very heavily mineralised.
There are three views below.
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