(other than the Ammonoidea)
In contrast to the Ammonoidea, Nautiloid cephalopods are relatively infrequent and belong to a few long-ranging genera of world-wide distribution. Calcified beaks of Nautiloids, known as Rhynchoteuthis, have also been found. An example of each is figured below.
Eutrephoceras clementinum (d'Orbigny) - from Folkestone, Kent
Rhynchoteuthis (a calcified Nautilus beak) - from Folkestone, KENT
Guards of the belemnite Neohibolites are ubiquitous in the Gault of Kent and because of their resistant nature make up a large part of the weathered out fossil debris. Typical examples from the Albian of Kent are figured below:
Neohibolites ernsti Spaeth
Neohibolites minimus Miller
Late Albian Hysteroceras varicosum Subzone - near Maidstone, KENT
Lower Bed VII - Middle Albian lautus/nitidus Subzoneof Folkestone, KENT

thanks to Dr. Simon Mitchell (University of the West Indies)for the identification of N. ernsti

Two rare specimens of Neohibolites minimus var. obtusus Stolley
Bed I (ii) - glauconitic loam immediately above the "sulphur band"
uppermost Early Albian: Pseudosonneratia (Isohoplites) steinmanni subzone of Owen, or
lowermost Middle Albian Hoplites (Isohoplites) eodentatus Subzone of Casey
Neohibolites minimus var. attenuatus Sowerby
Folkestone - Late Albian - Bed IX (Hysteroceras orbignyi Subzone ) 20cm above upper cristatum nodules
? Belemnite hoolkets, or perhaps more likely the chitinous jaw structures of an Annelid polychaete worm known as Scolecodont (Advice please)
Middle Albian - Lower Gault - U. Bed VII (Eu. lautus Zone; A. daviesi Sz) Ex Bulk -Sample F74   Middle Albian - Lower Gault - Bed II (iv) upper 20cm (Eu. loricatus Zone; A. intermedius Sz) Ex Bulk -Sample F52/91
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