Subfamily: HOPLITINAE H. Douvillé, 1890


Genus: HOPLITES Neumayr, 1875
Type species: Ammonites dentatus J. Sowerby 1821
Whorl section compressed-rectangular to depressed-trapezoidal; prominent ribs branching from strong umbilical bullae and interrupted on venter, their ends prominent and opposite or alternate; some with zigzagging ribs; rib endings are normally thickened or raised into ventrolateral tubercles, which in most are oblique clavi.


Subgenus: Hoplites (Hoplites)
Ribs interrupted and alternate on venter.
Hoplites (Hoplites) dentatus J. Sowerby 1821
Hoplites (Hoplites) maritimus Owen, 1971
Hoplites (Hoplites) spathi Briestroffer


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