Subfamily: HOPLITINAE H. Douvillé, 1890
Type species: Ammonites denarius J.Sowerby
Epihoplites (including Metaclavites) is the earliest of a distinct lineage of Late Albian genera including Callihoplites and Arrhaphoceras. Early forms of Epihoplites are moderately involute, discoidal, compressed shells, but this lineage soon becomes moderately evolute, with rounded umbilical margin and whorl flanks which converge towards a shallow sulcate venter. Ribbing, strong, convex, usually trifurcating from tuberculate bullae at the umbilical margin; occasionally bifurcating. Ribs end on the ventro-lateral margin in low, oblique, tuberculate, ventral clavi projecting onto the venter into a low strut. The en-echelon arrangement of the clavi across the venter produces a distinct zig-zag aspect. (Ref H G Owen 1999)
Subgenus: Epihoplites (Epihoplites) - Ribs ending rather inconspicuously on shoulders.
Epihoplites (Epihoplites) gibbosus Spath 1924
Epihoplites (Epihoplites) glyptus, Spath 1924
Subgenus: Epihoplites (Metaclavithes) CASEY, 1965 - Ribs ending in ventrolateral clavi more or less parallel to siphuncle
Epihoplites (Metaclavithes) aff. compressus (Parona & Bonarelli, 1896)
Epihoplites (Metaclavithes) trifidus (Spath 1923)


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