Subfamily: ANAHOPLITINAE Breistroffer, 1947


Genus: ANAHOPLITES, Hyatt 1900
Type species: Anahoplites splendens J. Sowerby 1815
Rather involute, compressed, with flat sides and flat, rarely sulcate venter; flexuous ribs and striae normally ending in fine, dense ventrolateral nodes; umbilical tubercles weak. Suture with short and wide L, much incised. Siphuncle and suture normally asymmetrical in later stages.


Anahoplites planus (Mantell 1822)
Anahoplites planus (Mantell) var gracilis, Spath 1923
Anahoplites planus (Mantell) var discoidea, Spath 1923
Anahoplites aff. splendens (J. Sowerby 1815)
Anahoplites daviesi & variants



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