Ammonite Protoconch
indeterminate species
a tiny (0.8mm wide) dorso-ventrally compressed example from the Middle Albian (Lower Gault Clay) of Westerham, KENT, UK
Catalogue No: PF/A/0279/JKC
Site: Westerham, KENT, UK
Family: Indeterminate
Subfamily: Indeterminate
Species: Indeterminate Protoconch
Measurement : width 0.8mm
Albian Stage: Middle Albian
Bed & Position: Euhoplites loricatus Zone; Euhoplites meandrinus Subzone
Preservation: Pyritised

a. Wright C. W. 1996. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (Part L Mollusca 4 Revised) Volume 4: Cretaceous Ammonoidea

b. Owen H.G. 1971. Middle Albian Stratigraphy in the Anglo-Paris Basin, Bulletin of the BM (NH) Geology Supplement 8, London


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