Euhoplites sp.
two pathological specimens from the Middle Albian (Lower Gault Clay) of Folkestone, Kent, UK
Specimen 1
Scanned from four positions: (1) lateral; (2) ventral adapical (note typical ventral channel of a Euhoplites from this level in the Gault); (3) ventral (you can see the point at which the damage occurs and the ventral channel disappears) and finally: (4) a ventral aspect where the ribs, albeit asymmetrical, run straight across. Notice that the direction of the ribbing on the first image changes from projecting forward up to the point of damage, reverses for around one quarter of a whorl then straightens and begins to revert to forward projecting.
Specimen 2
This specimen is really not very happy
Site: Folkestone, KENT, UK
Family: HOPLITIDAE H Douvillé, 1890
Subfamily: HOPLITINAE H Douvillé, 1890
Species: Spec 1 Euhoplites sp, (probably Bed VII intermediate form between Eu. nitidus and Eu. truncatus)
Species: Spec 2 Euhoplites sp, (probably Euhoplites nitidus)
Albian Stage: Middle Albian
Bed & Position: Lower Bed VII (Euhoplites lautus Zone; lautus/nitidus SubZone)
Locality: Both specimens collected from Copt Point
Preservation: Pyritised

a. Wright C. W. 1996. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology (Part L Mollusca 4 Revised) Volume 4: Cretaceous Ammonoidea

b. Spath L. F. 1925. A Monograph of the Ammonoidea of the Gault; Part VI. Palaeontographical Society London


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