The Albian is extremely rich in its bivalve fauna but those most commonly found tend to be the more robust forms, in particular the inoceramids and "nut" shells. Beautiful specimens of a diverse number of other groups can be found in the sand and clay but require careful extraction and preparation.

A limited number of the more common Albian bivalves are figured here.

The most abundant is Inoceramus of which the best known is Inoceramus (Birostrina) concentricus Parkinson (Beds I to XI). The radially fluted I. sulcatus Parkinson (sometimes placed in a separate genus or subgenus, Actinoceramus) is confined to Beds VIII and IX and is an easily recognisable guide to the junction of the Lower and Upper Gault. It is accompanied by a hybrid form, I. subsulcatus Wiltshire, specimens of which show every stage of transition from I. concentricus to I. sulcatus.

Next in abundance are the "nut" shells, especially Nucula (Pectinucula) pectinata J. Sowerby and Nuculana ovata Mantell. These two occur all through the Gault.

Other long-ranging bivalves are the scallop Entolium orbiculare (J. Sowerby), the Spondylid Plicatula gurgitis Pictet & Roux, Pseudocardia tenuicosta (J. de C. Sowerby), a member of the Carditidae, and the Arcid Nanoavis carinata (J. Sowerby). Oysters (e.g. Gryphaeostrea canaliculata J Sowerby sp. and Pycnodonte vesicularis Lamarck sp.) are more commonly found in the Upper Gault.

Astarte, Luncina, Anomia, Pinna, Isognomon, Pseudolimea, Thracis and Eopecten are some of the many other genera represented.

Reference: 1966. Geology of the country around Canterbury and Folkestone - Geological Survey of Great Britain (section on Palaeontology of the Gault)

Inoceramid - Birostrina sulcata (Parkinson) - Late Albian (Bed VIII)
Inoceramid - Birostrina sulcata (Parkinson) - Late Albian (Bed VIII)
Inoceramid - Birostrina concentrica (Parkinson) - Middle Albian (Bed II)
Pearl - probably from Birostrina concentrica (Parkinson) - Sample F/84/95 - Middle Albian (Bed IV (i)
Nuculid - Pectinucula pectinata (J. Sowerby) - Middle Albian (Bed VII)
Nuculid - Nuculana ovata (Mantell) - Middle Albian (Bed II)
Neithea sp - Middle Albian (Bed V)
? Lucina sp. - Middle Albian
Entolium sp. - Middle Albian (Bed VII)
? Lima sp. - Early Albian ("mammillatum" Zone)
Pseudocardia tenuicosta (J. de C. Sowerby) - Middle Albian (Bed VII)
Unidentified - Middle Albian
Unidentified - Middle Albian
Unidentified - Middle Albian (Bed II)
? Astarte omalioides, Woods - Middle Albian